Who We Are

The Birkman Foundation is a 501.c.3 organized for the sole purpose of sharing the Birkman Method. The Birkman Method is the premiere assessment tool used by corporations to support professional development, teamwork, and communication. It can be beyond the financial reach of nonprofit and religious organizations. The Birkman Foundation solves this problem by awarding the Birkman Method in a competitive granting process to deserving organizations that would otherwise not have access to it.


The Birkman Foundation creates the potential for change and healing by working with partner organizations to provide services and programs using the Birkman Method.


Our intention is to nourish awareness and transformation by giving people tools to flourish in relationship


  • We believe that everyone has a contribution to make, an authentic voice and an individual gift to offer to the world
  • We believe stories of how people change are inspirational so we tell them often
  • We are inclusive, we believe in access and opportunity
  • We support and care for those who support and care for others because we believe everyone needs love
  • We believe that genuine community enhances healing
  • We believe that all people need to be aware of their inherent belovedness and worth
  • We believe that enhancing self-understanding improves relationships and communication
  • We believe in healing, change and trying to make the world a better place every day

Our Team

Andrea Birkman, Executive Director


Amy Hemseri


Stacy Young