What We Do

The Foundation serves those religious and community organizations that could not otherwise afford access to the Birkman Method. We accomplish our vision through two complementary programs: the Birkman Foundation Consultants Network and the Matthew 25 Initiative.

The Birkman Foundation Consultants Network

Leveraging and extending the pro-bono work already undertaken by many Birkman International consultants, the Foundation provides grants to consultant led projects. Certified Birkman and Dynamas consultants are encouraged to apply to the Foundation for free access to the Birkman Method for specific projects serving those organizations that would otherwise not be able to afford access to it.

Matthew 25 Initiative

The Matthew 25 Initiative provides grants specifically to those who serve the neediest and most neglected in society. Specifically, the Initiative seeks to equip, serve and sustain individuals in organizations that work in prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, food pantries and similar settings. Trained Birkman consultants with projects in these areas should apply for grants under the Matthew 25 program. Other organizations interested in receiving grants and services can also apply directly.